CTAL is a 3v3 Arena league for level 19 twinks in Classic WoW. Our regular season began 10/17 and our playoff event dates are 12/12 and 12/19, starting at 8PM EST.

Please browse around the different pages to find all sorts of information about the league:

– Our schedule page will show you upcoming match times, as well as videos of previous matches.
– We have a standings page to keep track of how all of our teams are doing.
– Get familiar with our map boundaries on our maps page.
– Get to know the teams participating by checking out our teams page.

Below you’ll find our rules, but to summarize: teams have a roster of 4 people, they can sub in between rounds as much as they want. They can only use non-buffing, standard level 15 food/water, bandages, and Minor Recombobulators. No other consumables, no outside buffs.

Thank you for checking us out!

League Rules





The below Code of Conduct, Rules, and Regulartion have been created by Classic Twink Arena League (“CTAL”) staff in order to estabilish fair competition throughout all CTAL events, preserve the integrity of CTAL, and to provide a consistent and high-quality experience for CTAL viewers. By registering for or participating in CTAL, all participants and competitors have agreed to abide by the Rules, Regulations, and Code of Conduct listed on this page. Failure of CTAL participants or competitors to adhere to the information relayed in this document may result in penalities, disqualification, or forfeiture of any potential prize. CTAL reserves the right to swiftly remove any team or competitor, participant, or volunteer from CTAL at any time for any reason.


Due to the rapidly evolving nature of esports competition, CTAL, at its sole discretion, may update, amend, or supplement this document at any time. Changes may be communicated through www.19twink.com (“19twink”) or the CTAL discord, however this is not guaranteed. It is the sole responsibility of all CTAL participants, competitors, volunteers, and/or employees to be aware of any and all changes made to the rules, regulations, and code of conduct. 


All CTAL participants and competitors are required to behave in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner towards their fellow competitors, partners, viewers, press, and all CTAL staff and/or sponsors. This behavior extends to in-game chat, livestream comments, and other media. Threatening language, doxxing, ddosing, harassment, stalking, discrimination, and all forms of bullying towards CTAL volunteers, employees, participants, and/or competitors is completely unacceptable and will result in immediate expulsion and ban from all CTAL events, present and future. Expressions of hate speech and/or bigotry related to race, ethnicity, creed, disability, age, physical appearance, and sexual orientation made by CTAL competitors, participants, employees, and/or volunteers are completely unacceptable and may result in immediate disqualification from CTAL. 


CTAL will be monitored by the casters covering CTAL. Referees are CTAL volunteers responsible for making judgements on issues related to the rule set. Their insight includes player monitoring, inspection, coordination, and enforcing penalties and punishments. All CTAL competitors and participants are required to adhere to CTAL referee rulings.


All CTAL participants and competitors are expected to compete in a fair and honorable manner. Methods of cheating, such as account sharing, match-fixing, stream-sniping, match disruption, client-side abuse, hacking, exploiting, or the use of banned items, buffs, or gear listed in this document are forbidden. Intentional rule loop-hole exploitation may constitute as cheating. If a CTAL competitor or participant is found cheating, disciplinary action may include match forfeiture, disqualification, forfeiture of prize money, temporary suspension, and/or a permanent ban from all CTAL events. 


All CTAL participants’ and competitors’ ingame characters will be subject to a Bag and Gear inspection prior to or during a CTAL match. Inspections will require competitors to open up their bags and character panel on stream in the CTAL Discord channel to ensure fair play and preserve the integrity of competition. Competitor bags may not contain any of the banned items specified below. Competitors who fail an inspection or refuse to cooperate with tournament administrators during an inspection may be disqualified from the event they are attending or subject to the disciplinary actions listed in the Disciplinary Clause below. 


Competitors will be required to submit the starting roster of three (3) players they intend to start for each week of the CTAL Season by Friday 10PM EST every week. Failure to submit your starting roster prior to the deadline will result in a competitor’s disqualification from the round. Competitors will be required to communicate with their opposing team each week of the CTAL Season and must be able to start their match at one of the available timeslots listed below by Friday 10PM EST every week. Failure of teams being able to agree to a starting time for their match prior to the deadline may result in one or both teams being penalized with a loss for the week, depending on the circumstance, and up to a Referee’s discretion. 


All CTAL participants and competitors are expected to show up to designated events in a punctual manner. If a CTAL competitor or participant is absent for an event that he or she is declared as a starter in, teams participating in CTAL may use their fourth (4th) member of their roster as a stand-in and no round disqualification will be applied. Using a substitute player as a starting player in a way that contradicts your starting roster eliminates your team’s ability to utilize any substitutions for the remainder of the match, even if the announced starter is to return. CTAL reserves the right to end a match and declare a forfeit if a team is not able to present a roster that falls within the limitations imposed below. If a CTAL competitor or participant is late to an event that he or she is meant to compete in, they will have five (5) minutes to log online and be ready to enter their match before penalty points may be assessed, a substitute will be requested by the Referee, or forfeiture from CTAL matches may occur. 


Violating the Rules, Regulations, and Code of Conduct listed in this document may include penalty point assessment, event disqualification, forfeiture of prize eligibility, and/or a lifetime ban from all CTAL events. CTAL, at its sole discretion, will determine disciplinary action against violating competitors on a case-by-case basis.  




CTAL will consist of a regular season and a playoff stage. Rounds will start when the “Player has dropped the flag” sound/visual, but not before each team is given ample warning that the starting signal will be coming momentarily. Each match during the regular season will be a Best of 5 series. The playoffs will be a double elimination bracket, where seeding is established during the regular season. Teams will be seeded based on their regular season score, with tie-breakers being 1. Round Differential (difference between their round wins and losses throughout the regular season) and 2. a coin-flip. The first two stages of the playoffs will be done as Best of 5 Series matches, whereas the final two rounds of the Upper Bracket and the Lower Bracket will be played as Best of 7 series matches. Grand Finals will be played as one Best of 7 series regardless of result, meaning the team who won the Upper Bracket can be eliminated with one Best of 7 series loss in the Grand Finals.  

A. Regular Season 1. Teams will be able to select their starting times between 8:00PM, 9:00PM, 10:00PM, and 11:00PM EST on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Friday is the first day of the “League week” and teams must arrange with their opposition every week to agree on a starting day and time every week. Failure to agree to a match time in a given week will result in one or both teams being punished with a loss for the week, to the Referee’s discretion. Please take this required scheduling flexibility into account while picking your teammates. 2. Teams must declare their starting  roster by 10PM Friday every week during the league season. Failure to declare or start your announce team may result in actions from the Disciplinary Clause. 3. Each team will have a bye week in the regular season, meaning there will be 3 matches scheduled every week.  4. Only 2 matches can be scheduled in the same timeslot at the same day. CTAL has two (2) designated Casters and Referees and one must be present at every match. 5. During the regular season, every team playing will play on the same map every week. Maps will rotate on a weekly basis between the three (3) maps we have designated for this league. 6. Teams will be responsible for finding a fifth (and fourth if necessary) player to fill their group so they are eligible to enter a wargame. Their fifth player may be asked to hold the flag and remain in a Discord channel with the Caster/Referee so they can assist with giving the starting signal. 7. A coinflip will determine which team picks their starting location in the first round of each match. Teams will alternate starting locations between every round. 8. The first week of the regular season is the week of Friday, October 16th. 
B. Playoffs 1. Every team will be eligible for the Playoff stage.  2. A coin-flip will determine which team picks the first map to be played. The team who loses the coin-flip will pick their starting location on the map. The first map will be played for two (2) rounds in a Best of 5 series, or three (3) rounds in a Best of 7 series. The team who loses the coin-flip will choose the second map that is to be played for the next two (2) rounds in a Best of 5 series, or for the next three (3) in a Best of 7 series. The team who won the initial coin-flip will choose their starting location for the first round of the second map. In a final round, a fifth in a Best of 5, or seventh in a Best of 7, the third map that was not selected will be utilized (the “neutral map”). Teams will alternate starting locations every round. The team who won the initial coin-flip will choose their team’s starting location in the final round.  3. The Playoffs are to be played in two different events: the first two stages of both brackets, and the final two stages. The first round of the Playoffs are to be played Saturday, December 12th starting at 8:00PM EST. The second and final round of the playoffs will be played Saturday, December 19th starting at 8:00PM EST.


The CTAL staff have worked hard to give you three (3) different maps to enjoy. The maps are named “INSIDE”, “OUTSIDE”, and “ROOF”. Please view the following link to see map borders, and be sure to read the captions to the pictures so you can understand what the different colors and lines represent: https://imgur.com/a/AogYqWA




1. Active rosters have a 1 class limit. Teams must have 3 different classes on their active roster. 2. Teams will be allowed to use their 4th player to substitute as they see fit in-between rounds and will be allowed to substitute as many times as they see fit, unless they are not playing their announced starting lineup. 3. Usage of a buff or consumable on the Banned Consumables/Buffs/Items list will result in a Round DQ. 4. Rogues will be allowed a 10-yard positional head start if they are stealthed on all maps except for our “inside” map. Please see the map pictures to see starting locations across the various maps. 5. To help avoid downtime in between rounds, players are allowed to wait before releasing their corpse to help their team with callouts or just to have eyes on the fight, but the moment a game ends those players must release their corpse and instantly start running back. If you are on the Alliance half of the map when you resurrect, you will have one minute to get back into starting position. 6. If a player is feared out of bounds, no one may attack them, and the out of bounds player may not use *any* abilities or items until they have returned in-bounds, which they must immediately run for. You may not attack, heal, eat, drink, bandage, or do anything besides run straight back in-bounds when out of bounds. Attacking an out of bounds player or being out of bounds and not abiding by these rules will result in a round disqualification.  7. If a player disconnects mid-round, the round will be counted as is. Teams will have the option of waiting 5 minutes for their player to reconnect or putting their sub in. If a team has a disconnect, doesn’t have a sub available, and their disconnect takes longer than 5 minutes to resolve, they will automatically receive a forfeit/DQ from the series. 8. If a player intentionally grabs the leaf inside of the hut on the “outside” map or steps inside for LoS (out of bounds), their team will receive an automatic disqualification in the round. If a player is feared into the leaf, the round will immediately end. The Referee(s) will decide if the round should restart or if enough has played out to award a team with a win. 9. Utilizing safespot jumps (like the one available in horde 2nd level) are forbidden. Taking the first jump that starts a safestarting process will result in an automatic DQ.  10. Gear checks will be done prior to each match. Players caught using forbidden enchants or gear will be forfeitted and suspended from playing for the week. Players are subject to being asked to “go live” on the CTAL Discord channel for bag and gear checks. Players are not to have any of the banned items in their inventory while in a match.


1. Any ability with a 10 minute cooldown or greater will be banned from competition, including Lay on Hands and Soulstone. Desperate Prayer is allowed. 2. Warriors may pre-cast Battle Shout so long as their range isn’t generated by meleeing a member of the opposing team, their substitute, their fifth party member, or a rage potion.


Bandages – Level 15 food/water that doesn’t give you a buff – Buffs that are receivable from yourself or members of your active arena team, buffs from players who are currently on the bench are not allowed. – Minor Recombobulators


Anything that isn’t on the list above this and anything mentioned below this – Usage of Arena Grand Master. Players are allowed to equip for the dodge but not use the shield – Feathered Arrows/Exploding Shot – Any item crafted by Alchemy or shares a cooldown with potions (including Healing Pots, Mana Pots,   Thistle Tea, etc) – Sharpening Stones, Wizard Oils, etc – Any item crafted by Engineering that isn’t a Minor Recombobulator (including Flame Deflectors,    Discombobulator Rays, any explosives, etc).  – World Buffs, quest turn-in buffs, or any buff that isn’t obtainable through one of your 3 active   players in a round (can not receive buff from subs).  – ZG Shoulder enchants are not allowed to be worn.


BROADCASTING: These games will all be streamed and shoutcasted or co-casted by fortitude19 and og_jeffery on Twitch. – https://twitch.tv/fortitude19 – https://twitch.tv/og_jeffery


INTERESTED IN DONATING TO THE WINNERS OF THE PLAYOFFS? Contact fortitude on Discord at fortitude#8814


SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to the people who helped me organize this tournament: Plants, Bowner, and Quasion. Canna and Drew also were able to contribute with some helpful insight. After El Clasico I was immediately on the hunt for a team of people who would spend time with me and together as a group on putting together these maps, rule sets, and many little details that we spent many hours discussing together. We’re excited to finally be getting this thing off the ground.