Bowner, Troll Hunter.

Kalley, Undead Priest.

Schloop, Undead Mage.

Warsongslave, Undead Rogue.


flankingUranus is the arena team representing the guild <flankingUranus> on Mankrik. fU is led by Bowner who has led some of the top 19 guilds in the Classic scene, as well as dating back to some private server guilds. Warsongslave is an Officer in fU. Kalley designed their signature pink tabard which was made for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Fun Fact: Bowner has a main named Twinkslave which makes a lot of people confuse him for Warsongslave.



Plantz, Undead Priest.

Notdrew, Undead Rogue.

Walletink, Tauren Warrior.

Fettywap, Tauren Shaman.


spacebar is the arena team representing the guild <spacebar>, a 19 & 29 twink roster that is undefeated in scheduled WSG premades since it’s inception in April, 2020. The team represents 50% of the <spacebar> offense, and is looking to build upon their synergy and recent El Classico 3v3 tournament victory with yet another impressive performance.

Irvin Rosenfeld


Stonedform, Dwarf Paladin.

Flootweedmac, Gnome Warrior.

Frostform, Gnome Mage.

Trufax, Gnome Rogue.


Irvin Rosenfeld is the lone team representing the server Blaumeux. Although all members have been playing since Wrath or earlier, Stonedform and Frostform have been playing together since they linked up on private servers several years ago. Flootweedmac is a newer member to their group who has been twinking since the WOTLK era. They are joined by Trufax, who is brand new to the group and is coming down to the 19 bracket and is the lone representative of the Classic 29 bracket in CTAL.

Keefers Inc.


Beadle, Gnome Warrior.

Classic, Gnome Rogue.

Dor, Human Priest.

Dickdog, Human Paladin..


A team representing the 19 guild, Scooters Engine Repair. The guild was formed 4 years ago back on Classic Private Servers, and has a core that continued strong during many server shut downs and re-launches, being forced to re-roll fresh time and time again. Keefers Inc. members started twinking during the early trilogy and onward eventually taking a break from retail to go back to the original days of classic 19s, and eventually meeting and starting Scooters. SeR is a group of people with a deep love for twinking.



Johnnyunitas, Undead Rogue.

Bnke, Undead Priest.

Schein, Undead Warrior.

Mass, Undead Mage.


Members of Frankensquad have been playing the game for well over fifteen years. Schein and Mass have played frequently over the years together, they’ve been on a few teams together and they currently represent <spacebar>. Cirran currently represents <The QB Room>. Bnke currently represents <Can We Stop>. Mass is looking to shine on mage since he’s been benched on his rogue for the past year in Classic. Schein (Hithere) was in the very first Twink Cup under <Against the World>, he’s come back to competitive 19s to make a statement. Bnke’s looking for some heavy revenge after losing in the finals of El Clasico. Cirran, a well-respected, long-time rogue in the community, is just here for the journey.

might od off yoppas


Kozi, Human Priest.

Canna, Night Elf Hunter.

Xno, Gnome Rogue.

 Realek, Gnome Warrior.


Led by Cannabis, might od off yoppas has some serious firepower. Both xno and cannabis flaunt strong arena and community credentials, racking up multiple rank 1 arena positions (each) throughout their playtime. Members of the community might recognize Realek, who began to make a name for himself in WOTLK era arenas, and is considered by many to be a top tier warrior in the bracket. They’re joined by Wrathful Gladiator Kozi, a veteran and amongst the top priests in the community. A strong team with a lot of experience stemming from the early days of Vindication, Shadowburn, Cyclone, and Ruin Battlegroups.

it’s the pressure


Rides, Orc Shaman.

Validoz, Troll Priest.

Eurorogue, Undead Rogue.

Candypaint, Tauren Warrior.


Members of it’s the pressure all started playing WoW at the end of vanilla in 2005, and have all taken many breaks over the years. 3 of our 4 players rolled 19s just to play in the CTAL. Although all members have some 19 experience over the years, they wouldn’t consider themselves dedicated 19 players, but instead dabble in all PvP brackets.

Search Twinks on Google


Triyna, Night Elf Hunter.

Mythodical, Dwarf Priest.

Freshbeats, Night Elf Rogue.

Fridaybeers, Human Warrior.


The members of Search Twinks on Google have been playing together in the 19 bracket since Vanilla and used to play competitively in the Vengeance battlegroup. They are a group who has been online friends for many years, although Triyna and Fridaybeers are brothers. They took a break after Cata and regrouped for Classic. Originally members of Nerd Herd on Blaumeux, the group recently transferred to Mankrik and joined DDG.